Bon Anniversaire, popZ!

October 17, 2011

A while ago my father sent me an email,

“I think that Montaigne might enjoy the pleasures of truffle-salted popcorn? He was also fascinated by the stories of cannibalism from S. American natives brought back to the old world. ┬áHe admired the taunts of the captured and about to be eaten prisoners, who wished their future consumers enjoyment in eating their own ancestors since in prior victories those very ancestors were their meal at that time.”

Unfortunately, I can afford neither truffles nor human flesh. So Monsieur Montaigne must be content with these macarons aux pistache et chocolat. I hope they are appropriately epicurean. Furthermore, if one considers the circle of life taken on a broad scale over millennia, pistachios were once our ancestors too.

Regardless of whether he enjoyed these late afternoon sweets, Montaigne refrained from judgment (part of his philosophy) and continued to smile stoically (also part of his philosophy). I asked him if he had any words of wisdom for popZ to mark the occasion.

“Que sais-je?” he replied.