Platonic Calzoni con Archimedes

April 25, 2011

Anchovies have been on my mind lately. Probably from reading too many Italian and Southern French recipes and not enough articles about the fact the small salty creatures are over-fished. Damn. Sardines on the other hand are among the best choices for sustainable fish. Now we all know better.

But before being so enlightened I decided to make a few savory calzoni. Adapting the New York Times pizza dough, I halved the recipe and used 5 ounces whole wheat, 2 ounces white, 1 ounce semolina, only one teaspoon salt, and roughly a tablespoon of olive oil. This made three calzoni filled with roasted eggplant, roasted garlic, steamed chard, goat feta, a small squeeze of lemon, chili flakes, and anchovies. They are quite fragrant, and thus the Platonic adjective–not a date food.

Who better to share this Mediterranean hand held meal with than Archimedes, a native of Syracuse and surely not ignorant of geometry? Archimedes looks forlorn here but he was quite happy eating fishy calzone (not pictured), which vaguely reminded him of garum–a noxious paste of fermented fish intestines beloved of Greeks and Romans. Alas, the closest thing Western civilization has to this classical condiment is Worcestershire sauce (a nightmare of spelling bee participants everywhere).

Archimedes joked that he was so stuffed after eating the calzone that I would need a lever to move him. What a funny guy! After dinner we played his favorite game called “who can think of the biggest number.”

I won.


2 Responses to “Platonic Calzoni con Archimedes”

  1. halenancy said

    It’s funny how I have never liked anchovies, but love sardines. Nice to know that I was making the green choice.

  2. Bobby said

    More food photos!

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